Lots of guys have asked about how I printed the flipper decals.


Here is my experience…


I have printed them on six different kinds of clear sticker paper.  The best two in my (not-so-humble) opinion are below.



Papilio Glossy Clear Vinyl



The finish on this clear sticker is glossy which really makes the graphics pop.  The problem is that the adhesive (like on all glossy clear stickers I’ve found) can be seen thru the sticker a little.  You also really need to clean your flipper first so the adhesive doesn’t stick to any dirt (it’ll show).  This type is easily removed and replaced.




Avery Clear Sticker Paper



The finish here is matte.  Therefore it is slightly less awesome than the glossy finish above.  But, conversely, the adhesive is almost completely invisible, so they are much “clearer” than any of the glossy finish stuff I tried.  Again, they are easily picked up/removed/re-placed.




LD Premium Inkjet Photo Sticker Paper (White)



There are many White (not clear) photo sticker papers.  They all perform about the same.  The good part is that the graphics look amazing with the solid white glossy background.  However, you do lose a little of the 3D effect of the clear stickers.  The other problem is that all the white glossy photo stickers I have found have “permanent” adhesive.  Of course, it’s not really permanent, but it is a pain to get them completely off the flippers if you want to remove them.  The other problem I found with these is that pulling the backing off the sticker is a giant pain in the ass once you’ve cut them up.  I don’t have enough patience to get the peel started, and it was a little frustrating (if you know someone with long nails, ask them to help).  The good news is, the final result looks great.





The easiest way I found to place the stickers accurately on the flippers is to first cut them out (just inside the black outline), and then remove only about one-quarter of the backing.  Then place the sticker on the flipper with that one-quarter sticking and the rest still having the backing.  When you have it lined up, hold down the part where it is already stuck and then reach under and pull the rest of the backing away – it’ll be perfectly lined up.  That way is much easier than removing all the backing first and trying to place it down all at once accurately (although with the clear ones, you can pick them up again and again).


Let me know if you have found better ways.


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