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If you donít know who Josh is, you havenít been exposed to pinball for too long.The Sharpe family is pinball royalty Ė if you donít know of them, look them up.Josh is currently ranked 4th in the World Pinball Player Rankings (formerly #1).His profile and some of his recent wins are at:


Heís been kind enough to share his winning/high scoring tips on several machines that are qualified to be played in the RGP League...Hopefully we can get more from him in the future.



From Josh...



Some quick tips to score like a rock star!


 Indiana Jones - Multiball non-stop. Super Jackpots are so valuable they trump everything else in the game. That's the only thing to shoot for ever.


Twilight Zone - Work regular multiball, which will end up allowing you to collect plenty of door panels via the upper left flipper piano shot, while also lighting enough gumballs to give yourself a chance at Powerball Mania.


Spider-Man - Get yourself into Doc-Ock multiball before you start doing anything else. It's a pretty safe shot to shoot over and over and over, once you're in multiball you can then do other things without risk of losing a ball (shoot for Sandman, shoot for the Lock target, etc)


For quick points you can play nothing but Doc-Ock/Sandman with the occassional Black Suit when you get it.


On Ball 3, to play it extremely safe, simply play for a huge bonus. Get yourself into a multiball of any kind, and work nothing but the left spinner and bonus X lanes at the top. Cradle other balls on the left flipper. Shoot the side Venom ramp and when the ball comes to rest on the lower left flipper, pop it up and pass it over to the lower right flipper. Keep repeating this process for as long as you can, and when the multiball ends, get yourself into another multiball and keep repeating it. It can lead to hundreds of millions of points relatively safely, although it does take quite a bit of time.


Attack From Mars - typically I'll play regular MB over and over and over, making sure that the bank is open before starting it so you can also shoot the ships safely during multiball play. Loop pass the super skill shot over to the right flipper to then knock the 3 bank down to start the attack wave easily.


Hope that helps! You'll find that when it comes to strictly scoring huge amount of points, the general strategy is to find a nice balance between a relatively highly rewarding feature at the lowest risk (shots that lead back to the flipper so you can control the ball).



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