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Each league weekend you play two games in the RGPL (on either one or two different machines).  You choose your machines to play from the list of tournament qualified games listed at  .


Next to the game listings you will find the current median and high scores you will be competing against.  You must first choose your machine(s) and then play your games on it (them) for your weekly tournament score.  The better of the two scores is used for your weekly league points.  The theory here is that it’s just like if you were in a tournament in person – so decide when you are ready to play your league games and then play.  You have to decide ahead of time and live with the scores, you don’t get to decide after a game whether it counts for the league or not.  Settings for your game should be 3 ball and factory settings – with no extra balls awarded for scoring thresholds.  Each weekend = Two Games played, the better one is used as your score for the weekend.


After you play your games, post it on the appropriate thread on RGP.



Main RGPL website (stats & rankings)


RGPL Blog w/details



 1. How many games do I play each weekend?


You get to play two games.  The better score is used for determining your points for the weekend, however you post/report both your scores.


You need to decide/declare ahead of time that you are playing your league games and then live or die with the scores.  Just as if you were in a tournament in-person.


2.  Do I report both of my scores or just my better score?


You report both your scores as they both are included in the future calculations of the medians on the machines you play.  The median will only be an accurate reflection of league play if both the higher and lower scores are included in the calculation.



3. Do my two games have to be on the same machine?


No.  You can either play two league games on the same machine or play one game on each of two different machines.  Either way, you play a TOTAL of two games for the league each weekend.


4. Which machines do I get to choose from to play my games?


There are over one hundred machines qualified for league play, you can choose from any of them.  The qualified games, their medians and their Grand Champion scores are at the top of the ranking page at .



5.  Am I allowed to warm up?


Sure, you can warm-up for as long as you’d like, the important thing is that once you decide it’s time to play your league games, that’s it, you play them and those are your scores.  You DO NOT get to play for a while and simply report your two highest scores.  And you DO NOT get to decide after a game that it was your league game.



6. How do I get a game qualified?


To get a new machines qualified, you play one (and only one) game on a machine and post or email me the score.  You DONT play twice like the league games.  Once four different RGPers submit a score on any given machine, it becomes qualified for league play.  You can only submit one score per machine, but you can submit scores on as many different machines as you want.  The list of all games that have been played towards qualifying so you can see how close a machine is to being qualified is here…


7.  When can I play games for the purpose of qualifying a machine?


Any time.  It doesn’t have to be on the weekend like the league play.  You can post or email me the scores at any time during the week.  Only qualifying scores thru Wednesday night will count towards qualifying the machines for that weekend.


8. How do I set-up my machine for league play?


Your game should be set-up as close to factory as possible.  Three balls, factory rules, factory post set-up, etc.  Obviously you have less control over this if you are not playing your own machine.  It should be set so there are no Extra Balls awarded for scoring thresholds, just set it to “Replay”.  Extra balls earned from playfield shots/ruleset are okay.


9. How many balls, 3 or 5?


Three.  So, if the game is set to 5, simply write down your score at the end of the 3rd ball.


10. Do I get to play Extra Balls?


Yes.  You get to play any extra balls earned/won from shots on the playfield/ruleset.  Examples are the spinner on Spider-Man or the Merlin hole on Medieval Madness.  You DO NOT get to play any extra balls awarded for achieving scoring thresholds.  (Some people set their games to award extra balls and not replays at certain scores, you SHOULD NOT play these extra balls).


11.  How is it scored???

Your tournament points are awarded by comparing your score to the median for the machine you chose to play that week and are awarded as follows…

1 point for less than 25% of median
2 points for > 25% and less than 50%
3 points for > 50% and less than 75%
4 points for > 75% and less than 100%
5 points for > 100% and less than 150%
6 points for > 150% and less than 200%
7 points for > 200% and less than 250%
8 points for > 250% and less than 300%
10 points for > 300% and less than 500%
11 points for > 500%

12.  Is there any other way to score points?

Glad you asked!  There are a couple…

Variety pts

We reward players who play a variety of machines in the tournament as opposed to the same game each week.  So, you get one bonus point each weekend that the machine you score your pts on is different from the machines you got your pts on in previous weekends in the tournament.

GC pts

You can earn a bonus point for breaking the Grand Champion (high) score on any machine.  If you break the GC score AND your new GC score holds up and is still the GC score at the end of the tournament – you get a bonus point.  You can do this on as many machines as you are able and get a bonus point for each case.

Scores on the rankings page highlighted in yellow are scores that have beaten the previous GC score and currently hold the GC score – thus in line for a bonus point if that is maintained through the end of the tournament.



13. Who can play?


Anyone.  Everyone is encouraged to join in.  RGPers, friends, families, dogs, cats, iguanas, etc.


14. How much does it cost?


Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  Bumpkus.


15. What’s in it for me?


Besides rescuing you from your meaningless life, you get to compete from the comfort of your home or favorite pinball haunt against RGP buddies from all over the world.  And there’s the occasional prize.


16. Is it fair that the Commish is so incredibly good-looking AND talented?


No, but life is not fair.  Don’t fight it, simply give over your love and worldly possessions to him.


17.  When do I play?

League games should be played and posted on the weekend between Friday morning and Sunday night.


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