Following is a list of game-specific strategy guides. Each is written by an accomplished pinball champion (not by me).  After all, if you are going get advice, I presume you want it from the best.  (Would you want football strategy from Joe Montana or Hannah Montana?)

Each guide was provided by the writer at my request.  Please take what you'd like from them and appreciate the effort.  You may disagree with some of their strategies and certainly there are many different paths to scoring well, but all the authors were generous enough to share their secrets for success on machines they have learned to score well at consistently.  I'd like to thank them all for sharing.  Of course, the guides assume you can hit the shots you are aiming for on occassion and that you know what the different features are called.

I'm off to read up and practice my play.  Someday with enough help, my Bubie won't stand a chance against me.
Guide #1 - Monster Bash by Cayle George

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Guide #2 - Tips from Josh Sharpe